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4 Pillar Wax Injection Machines

Incastt Machines provides the industry’s most durable wax injection system, resulting in higher casting yields, more patterns per hour, and increased productivity and throughput. All injection settings are controlled by our easy process control.

The WIM PXX is an open 4 pillar designed to accommodate all die designs and sizes. Operator controls are ergonomically located for efficient operation.

Our engineering support staff is prepared to help determine the configuration that meets your needs and will optimize your throughput.

Fastest in the segment, machines are designed to work with the shortest possible cycle times, enhancing productivity.

Efficiency booster addons to suite customers specific needs and applications, Shuffle tables, Pattern Ejectors etc.

WIM PXX is available in four sizes with clamping forces of 12, 25, 35, and 50 tons.

Wax Injection Machine (12 Ton)

Wax Injection Machine (25 Ton)

Wax Injection Machine (35 Ton)

Wax Injection Machine (50 Ton)

Vertical Wax Injector - Pneumatic C type

Vertical Wax Injector – Hydraulic C type

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