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Fully automatic robotic shell production
center for Investment Casting

Incastt Machines has come up with a robust, rugged and user-friendly automation solution for your shell room.

When it comes to investment casting, Incastt Machines has been integrating robots for more than a decade. With over 30 systems installed around the world, our experts can provide you with a robotic solution that is tailored to your needs.

From the design of an automatic mold-making system to the installation and training of your technicians, we provide a comprehensive solution to our clients. We can design a wide range of systems, from simple to complex, and from small parts to very large and heavy part clusters.

Two unique systems to support a monthly capacity of 30-90 tons.

RoSS Robotic Shelling System

RoDC Robotic Dipping Cell

Renowned for making biggest systems capable of handling heavy parts with very high production rates.

Increases Efficiency

Increases Productivity

Increases Competitiveness

Our application engineers work with your team to optimize equipment productivity and minimize the footprint. We pay attention to the small details, making sure the robot motion is friendly on the wax clusters and on ceramic shells, thus producing the same constant quality every time.

RoSS is well designed for:

To produce complete shell from first coat to seal coat - ready for de - waxing.

Intelligent prioritizing of conveyor sequence to ensure minimum robot idle time.

System controlled slurry and sand levels.

As low as 2 persons, required to operate the entire shell Room.

Up to 30% increase in output per shell, compared to manual dipping.

Up to 15% saving in shell material due to reduction in wastage and opti mized shelling.

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