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Incastt Machines – Precision Engineered Investment Casting

Incastt Machines is a pioneer in offering the Investment Casting Industry with cutting-edge manufacturing technologies. We manufacture World Class machinery, refractories and setting up world class Investment Casting foundry Projects. We have been developing new products for the Investment Casting foundry industry since 2006.

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Robotic Shelling System

Incastt Machines offers integrated automated robotic systems to increase manufacturer’s efficiency and maximize profitability.

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Patented Design

Dewax Autoclave Machines

Manufactured to meet virtually any production specification, comes with all of the auxiliary support equipment needed.

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Wax Injection Machines

Generates higher casting yields, monitored at real time, more patterns per hour and increase productivity and throughput.

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Why Choose Us

Incastt Machines

Incastt Machines will help you achieve better plant efficiency; reduction in production costs, reduction of rejects and increases in productivity, thereby achieving high returns on your investments.

Incastt Machines not only brings you an independent analysis while you choose machines for your plants but also gets you the access to latest methods and technology.

We understand investment casting and we understand you.

Good casting quality and low running costs.

Quality workman-ship with excellent value for cost.

Economical, Efficient and Simple to maintain.

Full compliance to safety and control standards.

After sale services and future spares made available.

High Productivity, World class machines.

We manufacture and market products that are indigenously developed by us, through our extensive in-house R&D efforts. We do not deal/market any product, not manufactured by us.
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Incoming Quality Control

The top quality materials are chosen for all components for the best consistency. All parts of the machines will be 100% tested before being fixed for smooth functioning.

Inprocess quality control

With a high and new technological facilities, Strong Engineer’s team ensures precision of our machine and technically-oriented industrial standard.

Final Quality Control

Upon the completion of the machine, we will have a thorough check, then keep the machine at working status and continue running for 13 hours to test machine performance.

We are specialized in Turn-key Projects

At Incastt Projects, we undertake investment casting foundry projects on a Turn – Key basis. Our services cover complete techno-commercial aspects of investment casting foundries.

Under our ‘TURN-KEY PROJECT’ services we cover plant design, technology and machinery required for the investment casting foundry.

We do projects in three categories

Complete new investment casting foundry project (jobbing foundry)

Adding investment casting facility to existing stell foundry

Product oriented investment casting foundry

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