TurnKey Projects

Incastt TurnKey Projects

Scope of ‘Turn-Key Project’ Consultancy Services:

Technical services covered under the “Turn-Key” project:

  • Design of the Investment Casting plant (suitable for targeted product line and capacity).
  • Selection of appropriate manufacturing technology.
  • Selection of machinery.
  • Building plan and Detailed plant layout.
  • Choice of raw material, along with the proper sources for the same.
  • Technical know-how for selected manufacturing technology.
  • Setting up of the basic production process.
  • Training of the production staff in the basic production control technology / techniques.
  • Imparting technology training and general instructions to supervisory staff.
  • Provide a detail production manual.
  • General assistance in production related issues for six months from date of commissioning of the plant.

Commercial services covered under the “Turn-Key” project:

  • Project cost budgeting.(setting limits for various investments within the project)
  • Detailed ‘Project Report’. (this is for information and use by the promoters, can also be used for bank purposes.)
  • Projection of production costs.
  • Methods for production cost estimation.
  • Feasibility study & reports for addition of machines / facility / work force.
  • Feasibility study & reports for investing in technology.
  • Support in cost control methods.


The promoters of the project will be responsible for the following:
  • Dealing with Banks and all concerned Government offices.
  • Procurement of Land.
  • Construction of building.
  • Implementation of Power, Electrification and Lighting requirements.
  • Recruitment of staff & labour.