Equipment Name

Dust Collector With Wet Scrubber

Model No


Dust Collector is essential for a proper shell building activity. It carries away the fine sand particles and hence helps achieve better shell density and porosity. Additionally it provides better working environment and operator comfort.

The dust collector with scrubber contains a scrubber body and a water-collecting drum below it. Dust air from the RTS/FBS (rainfall stucco machine / fluidized-bed stucco machine) is sucked and passed through the inlet port of the scrubber.

Scrubber will contain a ‘Scrubbing body’ of 1250mm H and a collecting tank below it. Air from the Dust Collector is ducted to the bottom of the scrubber–column. This air rises up the column. Water is showered down from the top. There by effectively washing / scrubbing the air and cleaning it of all dust particles.