Equipment Name

Slurry Mixer Secondary

Model No

SM HS -100 / SM HS -300


To formulate and thoroughly mix the SECONDARY SLURRY before it is added to the slurry pot. The quality & consistency of the secondary slurry decides the strength and permeability of the shell. Hence, this is an essential equipment in the shell room.


The SM HS is a high shear slurry mixer where the primary mixing is by the high shear forces developed in the body of the slurry during mixing.

The mixer has a rotating drum type tank that rotates against a active high speed rotating stirrer located within the inner periphery of the tank.



SM HS -100

SM HS -300


100 lts/batch (up to 400Kg)

300 lts/batch (up to 1200Kg)

Overall size

650(w) X 1000(l) X 1035(h)

970(w) X 1165(l) X 1085(h)


550mm (dia) X 600mm (Ht)

750mm (dia) X 600 (Ht)

Stirrer Drive

1 Hp (0.75 Kw)

2 Hp (1.5 Kw)

Vessel Drive

½ Hp (0.375 Kw) Geared Motor and belt transmission

1 Hp (0.75 Kw) Geared Motor and belt transmission

Total Power

1.5 Hp (1.125 Kw)

3 Hp (2.25 Kw)