Equipment Name

Wax Injection Machine C Type

Model No


C-Frame Vertical Wax Injection Machine is designed for production of small components (less than 100gms) for short production runs. This machine can also be used for injecting sprues and runner bars.


This is C-frame, vertical wax injection machine. The die / tool is placed on the worktable. The down-stroking injection nozzle is brought in contact with the injection port of the die.


Wax is injected top-down into the die. This machine offers full pressure, flow-rate, temperature and dwell time controls.



Pneumatic wax injection

Hydraulic wax injection

Press Design

C-frame, up-stroking pneumatic press

C-frame, up-stroking hydraulic press

Work table height

750 mm from floor

1000 mm from floor

Injection Pressure

Up to 6 bar

0-30 bar

Wax Reservoir Capacity

30 Lts

35 Lts


0.75 Kw

3 Kw