Equipment Name

Robotic Shelling System (RoSS)

Model No

RoSS – 360 – 120


The robotic dipping cell is an AUTOMATED SHELL MANUFACTURING system. Here a multipurpose reticulated arm robot is integrated with the slurry pots, rainfall sanders, fluid bed sanders and conveyors. The RoSS – 360 – 120 works to produce quality investment casting shells on an almost lights off level of automation.


Type:           Moving robot, with machines and conveyor located on both sides of the track. The robot will collect the hanger from the conveyor, execute dipping and place the hanger back on the conveyor.

Robot:         make ABB / Kawasaki / Motoman (180 - 200 Kg)

Capacity:     the robot can handle a hanger of up to 120Kgs. This should be equal to 6 shells of 20kg each.

Gripper:      this is designed to grip and handle the 120kg hanger, during the coating process. Designed, precision manufactured and provided by Incastt.

Track:         This is a 9 M long track. The robot travels on the track to reach both the machines and the conveyors. Designed, precision manufactured and provided by Incastt.


  • Instrumentation & Controls:

The entire RoSS – 360 – 120 is controlled and monitored by a PLC control panel with a touch screen HMI.

Both the system control panel and the robot control panel are located outside the Shell room so that it is easily accessible to the personnel operating the system, without entering the shell room.

The robot control panel and the system control panel are integrated to seamlessly execute the various dipping procedures and robot movements.

System Control Panel: This controls and co-ordinates all the machines in the RoSS – 360 – 120, like robot, conveyor, 3 Nos slurry pots and 4 Nos rainfall and fluid-bed sanders.


System control panel is provided with 3 phase mains indicators, Power On/Off switch, Fuses, Neutral link, PLC, Touch HMI, Motor control (VFD) drives (for slurry and sand machines), starters with over-current protection. All components of reputed make such as ABB / Schnieder / Omron / Siemens or equivalent are used. The panel is designed with separate power & control circuits.


Levels:                     The levels of slurry and sand machines are monitored using appropriate sensors that are integrated with the system control panel and the robot control panel. This ensures that the dipping is done only when adequate slurry and sand is available in the various machines. The system also prompts the worker to top-up the slurry and sand levels.


Fans:                        Fan speed is integrated to the system and controlled by the system control panel. The fan speed is automatically adjusted as required by the various dips.



The supervisor has to select and save the Dip recipes / cycles as required for the different components.

The RoSS software system will execute the entire shelling process as per the saved Dip recipes / cycles.

Only Supervisory or Engineer Level facility to edit the dip recipes or add new recipe is provided and is password protected.

No Need for on site robot programming. No need for robotic engineer.


Just choose dipping sequence from menu to build the shell.


Salient features:

      • Automatic re-calibration of the system to prevent “drifting”.
      • Synchronized ON / OFF of the slurry and sand machines. This optimizes power consumption.
      • Real-time display of level status for all slurry and sand machines.
      • Display of current dip status.
      • INTELLIGENT dipping control. This ensures that all trees are dipped to the same height every time.



Collision detection and stop alarm. Protects labor in case of mis-occurances by them.

The process will pause in case of incorrect levels of slurry and sands.  And will continue when status is corrected. This protects the shell from incomplete or partial coating.

Power failure safety. In case of power failure the RoSS will pause at that point. When power is restored, it will continue process, from the pause point onwards.