Equipment Name

Shell Firing Furnace

Model No

SFF – OB 900 / SFF – OB 1200 / SFF – OB 1500


After de-waxing, the ceramic shells have to be fired or sintered. This gives the shell its ‘fired strength’. Only after sintering can metal be poured into these hot shells. 


·         Automatic ignition and temperature control.

·         A pneumatic burner extraction system to ensure that the burner is pulled out of the furnace when it is off. Protects burner and for reduced maintenance cycles.

·         128 Kg/m3 Ceramic Fiber blanket Insulation on all sides, top and door.

·         Safety of the operator prioritized.


SFF – OB 900

SFF – OB 1200

SFF – OB 1500

Overall size

2530 (w) X 2820 Ht. X 1780(d)

2530 (w) X 2820 Ht. X 2000(d)

2530 (w) X 2820 Ht. X 2300(d)


900mm (D) x 1000 (W)

1200 (D) x 1000 (W)

1500(D) x 1000 (W)

Hot Volume

900mm (D) x 1000mm (W) x 700mm (H)

1200mm (D) x 1000mm (W) x 700mm (H)

1500mm (D) x 1000mm (W) x 700mm (H)


Supports 100Kg melting furnace

Supports 150Kg melting furnace

Supports 200Kg melting furnace

Fuel Consumption

1.5 GPH (Approx. 6.8 lts / hr)

1.75 GPH (Approx. 7.9 lts / hr)

2 GPH (Approx. 9

lts / hr)