Equipment Name

Wax Recovery System- Wrs-Cen 400 F

Model No



Wax is a costly input. The only method of reducing the effective cost is to reuse the wax as many times as possible. The WRS-CEN 400 F is used to ‘recover’ de-waxed FILLED wax for reuse as pattern wax.

The hot de-waxed wax from the autoclave is directly loaded into the wax preparation tanks. Here the wax is cleaned and held for 10 hrs to prepare it for Filtration. The wax is filtered. This filtered wax is passed through a centrifuge to remove the residual water and impurities. Care is taken to ensure that the wax temperature never crosses 110 deg C. this ensures good clean wax for reuse.


Wax preparation tanks – 4
Heated wax pump – 1
Heated and self cleaning wax filter –1
Heated wax centrifuge - 1
Heated Wax Blending Tank – 1
12 hrs per batch X 6 Batches (6 tanks)
System capacity up to 800 Kg per day.