Equipment Name

Wax Melting And Conditioning

Model No

WM 100 / WM 200


The Wax Melter is a wax-melting and conditioning machine. Purchased IC Wax is in the form of solid slabs. This is melted, conditioned and brought to a certain pre-determined temperature before transferring it to the wax injection machines.


Continuous Stir for uniform blend.
Thermal insulation on all sides with ceramic fiber.
Safety of operator prioritized.


WM 100

WM 200

Melting rate

20Kgs / hr

30Kgs / hr

Conditioning Tank

100 Kgs – capacity,

200 Kgs – capacity,


Dia. 500mm X 525mm Ht

Dia. 600mm X 700mm Ht.

Stirrer Drive

1/2 Hp (0.375 Kw)

1 Hp (0.75 Kw)

Custom Size upon request.