TurnKey Projects

Incastt TurnKey Projects

Scope of ‘Turn-Key Project’ Consultancy Services:

Incastt Projects - is a dedicated investment-casting consultancy. Here we specialize in "turn-key projects" and complete solutions for:

  • New investment casting foundries.
  • Expansion projects for existing IC plants.
  • Technology and process upgrade projects.
  • Process and plant automation projects.
  • Cost and quality control programs.
  • Viability studies for new investments towards technology, manpower, software, expansion.

At Incastt Projects, we are committed to helping you make the right Investment Casting decisions for your foundry. As an expert with an experience of over two decades, we help you evaluate the right decisions and changes. You may be an entrepreneur who is evaluating Investment Casting or may have an existing foundry. Incastt will help you achieve better plant efficiency; reduction in production costs, reduction of rejects and increases in productivity, thereby achieving high returns on your investments.

As a consulting firm, Incastt not only brings you an independent analysis while you choose machines for your plants but also gets you the access to latest methods and technology. We are thought leaders in this area and worked with IIT Roorkee and have helped them set up an inhouse facility that is focused on Investment Castings.

We will handhold you to get the requisite process manuals to achieve stability and consistency. Incastt has also worked with MIDHANI, DMRL and HAL for components that find usage in aerospace and defense applications. We have been collaborating with customers across the globe for the last 20 years and have been a dependable and trust worthy partner delivering consistent results We offer a comprehensive consultancy service for investment casting.

Technical services covered under the “Turn-Key” project:

  • Design of the Investment Casting plant (suitable for targeted product line and capacity).
  • Selection of appropriate manufacturing technology.
  • Selection of machinery.
  • Building plan and Detailed plant layout.
  • Choice of raw material, along with the proper sources for the same.
  • Technical know-how for selected manufacturing technology.
  • Setting up of the basic production process.
  • Training of the production staff in the basic production control technology / techniques.
  • Imparting technology training and general instructions to supervisory staff.
  • Provide a detail production manual.
  • General assistance in production related issues for six months from date of commissioning of the plant.

Commercial services covered under the “Turn-Key” project:

  • Project cost budgeting.(setting limits for various investments within the project)
  • Detailed ‘Project Report’. (this is for information and use by the promoters, can also be used for bank purposes.)
  • Projection of production costs.
  • Methods for production cost estimation.
  • Feasibility study & reports for addition of machines / facility / work force.
  • Feasibility study & reports for investing in technology.
  • Support in cost control methods.


The promoters of the project will be responsible for the following:
  • Dealing with Banks and all concerned Government offices.
  • Procurement of Land.
  • Construction of building.
  • Implementation of Power, Electrification and Lighting requirements.
  • Recruitment of staff & labour.